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Fic: Mixed Signals Final Part - Let's get Fraser laid, ladies!

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July 8th, 2011

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11:06 pm - Fic: Mixed Signals Final Part
I proudly present (and I can hardly believe it myself) the last part of the Mixed Signals Series!! (I know, I'm shocked as well)

Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: NC-17 (you've waited long enough for it)
Length: 14.000 words (uhm, yes... that makes the whole thing 42.000 words long)
It all started with a kiss and a rejection. But things got way out of control. Enclosed in a cabin led to some serious mixed signals on Fraser's part but before Ray could figured it out they had a hostage situation on their hands. And then there was the hospital and the nightmares and... yeah, things got really complicated for a while.

And now?

Well, now that Ray's got a chance to convince Fraser he'll do his damndest to keep him. It’s a good thing that Ray’s and Fraser’s insecurities are so very compatible. Between Ray’s head-against-the-wall attitude and Fraser sexually insatiable appetite things should work out well… okay, maybe a few life threatening situations might also help things along…

(will be on LJ as soon as posting this effing long thing works)

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